La Ressource



What is « La Maison de répit La Ressource »?

Our respite house is a government-registered non-profit organization which is managed by the parents of mentally disabled children and by people who care about their neighbours’ quality of life.

CLSC Saint-Michel (Montréal) has greatly contributed to the beginnings of the respite house and  is also part of the ‘Vivre Saint‑Michel en santé” project.

What is « La Maison de répit La Ressource » for?

At the respite house, we aim to help parents who have a mentally handicapped child, with or without autism. Many years ago, the government returned institutionalized people, including mentally handicapped people, to their families. Being a parent is a year-round job, day in and day out. Getting a little rest is no luxury: it’s a necessity. Community organizations don’t have enough resources and social services budgets keep getting cut back. That is why some parents decided to get together and find their own solutions and resources: they created “La Maison de répit La Ressource” in 1999.

Read our Annual Report  (French)

Activities :

We offer social integration services in an effort to help mentally disabled people acquire the life skills they need to be self-sufficient. These specialized services will focus on capacity and personal skills development to help people play a bigger part in their communities.

  • 1) On Saturdays and Sundays, 48 weekends, from September to August (day respite and complete weekend respite)
  • 2) Mondays for 21 years old+ users, from September to June
  • 3) Winter  Camp, last week of December 2016
  • 4) Summer Camp on weekdays, 8 weeks starting in June

From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Cost: 25$ per day

Complete weekend, Friday 7PM to Sunday 4PM: 175$

We also offer family activities in August (beach) and December (Christmas).

Contact us :

Maison de répit La Ressource 9281, 14th avenue,  Montréal (Québec)  H1Z 3N4

Mrs. Maritza Ferrada Phone number: 514 814-6552 E-mail: